Onil Water Systems Delivered

At the end of 2009, MSPP created a partnership with Helps International and began raising the money needed to supply clean water filters for the families in the village of Virginia in Playa Grande. On Tuesday March 29, 2011, an Onil Water Purifying Systems was delivered to each of the 150 families in Virginia. Technicians from Helps International made the long journey from Guatemala City to Playa Grande to deliver the filters and to train the people on the assembly and maintenance of the product.

These systems will change the lives of these families by providing them with clean drinking water and thus eliminating diseases and bacteria that cause illness and sometimes death in the children.

At last report, the filters are working fine and the families are very happy… now they have the problem of long lines at the well … maybe another well will be phase II of our water program!! On behalf of all of the families in the community of Virginia and all of us who work for the cause we sincerely thank you!