MSPP Partner with Lindenwood University

In 2014, in a response to the demand for leaders in the nonprofit field, Lindenwood University, in St. Charles Mo. started a combined B.A. /M.A, program in nonprofit administration. Part of this program requires the students to intern with a nonprofit org. In December MSPP was contacted by Lindenwood University and has been invited to participate as a possible mentor in this program. MSPP is honored to be chosen for this opportunity and we are pleased to introduce our new intern Sarah Moss. She has chosen our school reconstruction program in Virginia Guatemala as her topic for her grant writing class. Thank you Sarah for choosing MSPP!!

“I was born and raised in St. Louis, I am a junior at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO, studying “Corporate Communications: Public Relations and Advertising” and also “Nonprofit Administration.” I hope to one day work for a successful nonprofit that seeks to provide aid internationally. For that organization, I hope to be working with their public relations department. Currently I am in a grant writing class which is teaching me that valuable skill. I do enjoy it so far and might be interested in continuing to write grants in the future. I chose the Mustard Seed Peace Project for my grant because I value the passion behind aiding in the provision of the basic needs for those in Guatemala and Zambia in hopes that the education within the community will grow. Specifically, I chose the renovation of the school in Virginia, Guatemala because it is essential in order for the children to continue their education and something the community greatly deserves. If at all my grant can be used to further this project I would be incredibly overjoyed. I believe everyone has the chance to make a difference and we should all seek to do so.“

“I admire MSPP and the efforts it has taken to change the lives of people the MSPP may never know.”